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Coventry's Story Colouring Book

Coventry's Story Colouring Book


Many know about the World War Two Coventry Blitz, but far fewer know about the story of forgiveness, war, peace, and reconciliation that followed. And that story is what inspired me to produce this work.

My latest project is an illustrated storybook to tell Coventry's defining story and raise money for Coventry Cathedral.

I wanted to highlight the work of the Cathedral and explain more fully to children the importance of
building peace in our communities. The book will help children learn about how to move forward
and reconcile with those who have hurt us.

The images in the book are available for the children to colour in alongside reading about the
background of the Cathedral and the work of those involved in building peace. The storybook fits in
with the national school curriculum Key Stages one, two and three.

All the money raised will go towards Cathedral funds.

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